Reviews for Pericles are In!

There are a number of them out there, so I’ve just taken a few quotes from each and linked the articles.

“Anderson’s Pericles is a stunner” – Colin Thomas, Georgia Straight, (link)

“Lois Anderson’s ingenious conception of Pericles reminds us of the joy and power of storytelling.” – Zoe Grams, Vancouver Presents, (link)

“This Pericles is adorned with all manner of stage magic and theatrical tricks of the trade. Its archetypal narrative and adventurous spirit come through clearly in every fine detail, and are sure to delight both young and old.” – (link)

” So ironically, though I enjoyed both of this year’s productions of Romeo and Juliet, (how can one  not?) and Othello, an all time favorite of mine, I enjoyed the staging of Pericles the most.” – Gillian Lockitch, Review From The House, (link)



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