Workshop Announcement: Physical Actor Training in May


An Introduction to Physical Actor Training

High-energy classes, where students will study the art of acting. By contrasting the incredible discipline of the Suzuki Method with the collaborative spontaneity of The Viewpoints, these classes offer a well-rounded physical approach to performance. This classic pairing of techniques was first pioneered by the world-renowned SITI Company (USA) and is currently taught all over the world. These classes focus on the event of performance, how the body responds to being watched, and how we embrace the present moment. Each class is guaranteed to have participants sweating, smiling, and learning.

*This is a physically demanding class. Please wear clothing that is suitablefor movement. Suzuki training requires Japanese Tabi or Socks to be worn.

Workshop Dates:

May 13 12PM – 2PM
May 20 12PM – 2PM
May 27 12PM – 2PM
June 3 12PM – 2PM


4-Week Workshop Rate: $120
Human Theatre 4-Week Rate: $100
Drop-In Rate: $30

Check out to book or for more info!

The Suzuki Method of Actor Training

Developed by internationally acclaimed director Tadashi Suzuki and the Suzuki Company of Toga, the Suzuki Method is a unique physical discipline whose aim is to develop incredible stage presence. This high-energy technique is derived from a variety of influences such as Japanese Noh theatre, ballet, and eastern martial arts. The Suzuki Method is an acting technique which approaches theatre from a mind-body standpoint and helps performers embrace their “inner warrior”.

The Viewpoints

A physical improvisation technique originally developed for contemporary dance. It was adapted for the theatre by American directors Tina Landau and Anne Bogart. As a system, The Viewpoints is a democratic way of viewing time and space; however, as a technique it is used to develop ensemble, empower creative choices, and train the director’s eye. It is also a brilliant “shared language” which can be used to both create and discuss theatre,

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