Resounding Scream Theatre presents: Listen To Me

Created by Stephanie Henderson & Ensemble
Directed by Stephanie Henderson

Dates: Dec 2nd-6th
Times: 8pm and 9:30pm – Limit 10 audience members per Show
Location: Agro Café, Granville Island (1363 Railspur Alley)
Tickets: $20 at

How many times have you looked at your phone today? Checked a text or sent one? Updated your status on Facebook? Read the latest listogram on Buzzfeed? At the bus stop, waiting in line at Starbucks, even while walking to work or out with friends. How many missed connections, opportunities and relationships does this create? Listen to Me is an opportunity to stop hiding behind the digital personas and allow for possibility.

Listen to Me invites audiences to join an exclusive “speed-dating event” taking place at Granville Island’s Agro Café. Guests will have the chance to “date” each actor, with conversation heading into deeper waters than the usual small talk, but the choice of how much to engage or divulge is always left in the audience member’s control.

Featuring: Alyssa Kostello, Brennan Campbell, Daniel Borzillo, Elizabeth Kirkland Jackman, Jamie Taylor, Kayleigh Sandomirsky, Linda Pitt, Nate Kelly, Sarah Goodwill, Tiffany Anderson, Victoria Lyons

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