New Workshop Series with Human Theatre

My next endeavor is being supported by the wonderful people at Human Theatre! I’ve got a new series of workshops called Physical Actor Training and Viewpoints. These classes run Sundays October 19 – November 9 and run from 6PM – 8PM.

More information and registration can be found here.

The actual content of these workshops will focus on two methods: The Suzuki Method of Actor Training and, of course, The Viewpoints.

The Suzuki Method of Actor Training is a highly physical form which is designed to cultivate stage presence. Notorious for its disciplined structure, it is sometimes referred as martial arts for the actor. The first time one of my mentors encountered Tadashi Suzuki’s work, they could describe what they saw only as “the Olympic of Acting”. Actors trained in this fashion exhibit a  raw, elemental, and dangerous presence that comes from a mastery of the art of stillness.

The Viewpoints is an American post-modern theatre training tool that is used to develop ensemble, train directors, and as an actor training system. In it, we break down the various elements of space and time in performance. An actor that is well-versed in The Viewpoints is one that has limitless creative offers and uses failure as a tool for greater success. I personally also have crafted my director’s eye almost exclusively using this technique and it’s “sister technique” Composition, which I also wish to explore as participants in these classes become more familiar with the work.


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