The Reviews Are In!


Little One by Hannah Moscovitch has opened at the Vancouver Fringe Festival and is receiving excellent reviews! Not to mention our appearance on the front cover of Georgia Straight!

Check them out!

“This production is riveting throughout … deeply disturbing but laced with humor and surprising twists.” – The Georgia Straight [FULL REVIEW]

“Absolutely chilling … showcases fine writing and terrific acting in elegantly theatrical ways … as in the best stories, not everything is at it seems.” – The Province (Vancouver, B.C.) [FULL REVIEW]

“The Must-See Show of the Fringe. Such a compelling and boldly intense show … Daniel Arnold and Marisa Smith give off brilliantly riveting performances. This 60-minute edge-of-your-seat psychological thriller.. will continue to haunt you, long after you have left the theatre.” – FunFunVancouver [FULL REVIEW]

“Little One is as riveting and polished as a Fringe show ever gets…and Arnold have worked magic together before and they take it to a new level in Little One. It’s one to see.” – Jo Ledingham On The Scene [FULL REVIEW]

“A sheer delight … tremendously talented actors. A macabre, well-layered script … packed with humour, love … and tramautic build-up that will leave you transformed – guaranteed.” – [FULL REVIEW]

Oh, and I am pleased to annouce that Alley Theatre’s production of Little One, by Hannah Moscovitch received a nomination for the Critic’s Choice award at the Vancouver Fringe Festival!

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