We’re All Mad Here (an interactive play by Kazz Leskard and Zac Scott)

10420372_10154269658945618_6517090846125423522_nBefore there were Hats, before there were Cats, before there were Hearts, before there were Tarts…There was The Red King, who fell asleep and dreamt the world. But every few years, The Red King wakes up to have himself a stretch, and when he does we all disappear…POOF! Someone must take The Red King’s place, someone to dream of us and the Wonderland we live in.

The Red King is waking. All Hail The Red Queen!

Follow the White Rabbit to 1000 Parker Street. Become a soldier of the Court of Hearts and take part in a glorious coronation. Find yourself the guest of a Mad Tea Party, or a jury member at a grand trial. Your actions have consequences, and will determine how the story ends.

Will you, Won’t you
Will you, Won’t you?
Won’t you join the dance?

Directed by Kazz Leskard
Stage Manager: Gaby LaMoureux
Production/ Puppet Design: Shizuka Kai
Technical Director: Ryan Alexander McDonald

Tiffany Anderson
Sara Andrina Brown
Brennan Campbell
Gaby LaMoureux
Mark Manning
Ryan Alexander McDonald
Zac Scott

Running from September 5-9, 11-15, 7pm show start (50 min runtime)
Shows take place at 1000 Parker Street


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