Medea: The River Runs Backwards


Zen Zen Zo’s 2013 IN THE RAW Studio Season production will be the classic tragedy of Medea, reimagined by Resident Director Drew der Kinderen, with the extraordinary performer Lauren Jackson in the lead role-MEDEA.

Past and present blur together, as Medea tries to reconcile the events of years gone by, and her own guilt, before she dies. Time and space shatter, as the echoes of Medea’s deeds reverberate through her life. How did someone so strong, so intelligent become so overwhelmed with the need for revenge? How can someone live on, when they have cut out their own heart?

Making use of multimedia and a unique physical approach to creation and performance, Zen Zen Zo’s Medea: The River Runs Backwards, will bring this powerful story of betrayal, passion and loss to a contemporary audience.

The IN THE RAW Studio Season is a key part of Zen Zen Zo’s cycle of developing new and challenging work for Queensland audiences. Created in 2005, IN THE RAW provides a place for the company to return to its experimental roots, performing mostly devised work in site-specific or non-traditional theatre spaces, where the physical and visceral performance style of Zen Zen Zo is brought to the fore.

SEASON: 20 August – 7 September
VENUE: The Old Museum, Brisbane
TICKETS: Adults: $45 | Concession: $32 | School Bookings: $25
ENQUIRIES: (07) 3252 5540


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